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The Joy of Water Boiling (JOW) is a guide for cooking both classic and modern dishes in the water boiler. Ambitious Austrian cook Christina Scheffenacker presents 100 vegan, vegetarian, and contemporary recipes, all offering the possibility of a flexible kitchen which is both functional and economical. Originally conceived by Berlin writer Thomas Götz von Aust after the gas in his commune was turned off, cooking with a kettle has turned into a convenient method for preparing classic dishes, even without access to a typical kitchen. As artists Soso Phist, Lisa Edi, and Christina Scheffenacker set out to create a collection of kettle recipes as both a project of art and cookbook, JOW became a movement in and of itself. With successful backing of their Kickstarter campaign and the launch of a video tutorial channel, the creators of JOW have used their interdisciplinary talents to bring global attention to this fun and simple cooking method. This recipe collection is perfect for those cooking in unconventional spaces such as college dorms, festivals, or even while traveling. It's also a healthy and convenient tool for young or single family households who may not enjoy traditional cooking techniques. Each recipe is paired with a list of ingredients, necessary tools (a kettle + common items such as knives and spatulas), instructions for cooking, and a brief overview of each food's history and typical preparation. Featured recipes include: scrambled eggs, couscous, lentils, rice, asparagus, potatoes, soups, salads, various main courses, desserts, drinks, cocktails, and more.

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