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New textile design

New textile design


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In the wide field of design, the designing of textiles is regarded as a special discipline. It requires a deeper understanding of the technical side of the production of textiles as well as a specific knowledge of each fabric, of its uses, its properties and characteristics (dyes, fibres and colourings). «New Textile Design» covers the many and various forms of the discipline. It includes clothing, caps, shoes, scarves, bags and appliqués, bedclothes, upholstery and lampshades. Even textile trinkets and other accessories are featured on the following pages.

The collected designs range from central motifs (on t-shirts, for instance) to patterns which often have to compete with the visible structures of the fabric. Additionally, the very form and manner of the presentation can become an interesting part of the work. Thus, we've included everything from sketches to elaborately staged photos.

Motives, patterns, textures - «New Textile Design» covers the whole range of soft goods.

Categories : Arts et spectacles > Arts appliqués / Arts décoratifs > Mode / Parfums / Cosmétiques

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