Sports governance in the world Tome 3 ; a few examples of sports governance outside Europe (IMPRESSION A LA DEMANDE)


The main goal of this 3 volumes work is to study the methods of governance of sport and the purposes pursued in 35 countries, as well as to glance towards structures which participate in sport structuring and in its evolution under the crossed light of History, Sociology and Economy.
The two first volumes give a realistic survey of the contrasted situation between the former Eastern and Western countries, both being deeply influenced by their more or less ancient past. The third volume gives examples of the sport governance in eight countries through the world (Lebanon, China, Brazil, etc). It is also offering a perspective of what is developing today in the sports sphere or around this field: the emergence and development of sport for disabled, the role of the European Olympic Committees, the development of laws or, at least, rules concerning media rights and question about responsible management in sport event.

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