Plantopia, cultivate, create, soothe, nourish

Anglais Plantopia, cultivate, create, soothe, nourish (édition en langue anglaise)


Join the green revolution ! Bring plants into the home to reconnect with nature-it's the perfect antidote to life's frenetic pace. With stepby-step tips, you'll learn how to choose and care for stylish, low-maintenance houseplants, including ferns, air plants, cacti, and succulents. Then create your own garden of paradise with more than seventy fun and rewarding ideas for nesting at home with greenery. From decorative DIY crafts to natural, homemade cosmetics, and from infusions to essential oils, these simple-to-follow projects will foster a sense of well-being and turn your home into a leafy, relaxing retreat. - Foolproof growing tips - Terrariums and aquatic plants - Himmeli and macramé planters - Pressed leaves and flowers - Wreathes and decorative touches - Natural, homemade dyes - Embroidery samplers - Essential oils and beauty DIY - Infusions and green recipes

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Camille Soulayrol

Apres une formation éditoriale à l'école Estienne, Camille Soulayrol entre aux Beaux Arts de Paris. Créatrice d'objets, elle commence à travailler pour Marie Claire Idées et devient rédactrice. En parallèle, elle développe des projets plus personnels, entre livres et images.