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Yona has been stuck behind a desk for years working as a programming coordinator for Jungle , a travel company specialising in package holidays to destinations ravaged by disaster. When a senior colleague touches her inappropriately she tries to complain, and in an attempt to bury her allegations, the company make her an attractive proposition: a free ticket for one of their most sought-after trips, to the desert island of Mui. She accepts the offer and travels to the remote island, where the major attraction is a supposedly-dramatic sinkhole. When the customers who''ve paid a premium for the trip begin to get frustrated, Yona realises that the company has dangerous plans to fabricate an environmental catastrophe to make the trip more interesting, but when she tries to raise the alarm, she discovers she has put her own life in danger.

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Yun Ko-Eun

  • Naissance : 1-1-1980
  • Age : 42 ans
  • Pays : Coree,rep.pop.democ
  • Langue : Coreen

YUN KO-EUN est ne?e a` Se?oul en 1980. Elle est l'auteure de trois romans et de plusieurs recueils de nouvelles, salue?s par la critique en Core?e du Sud et consacre?s par plusieurs prix litte?raires. Elle vit a` Se?oul, ou` elle enseigne la cre?ation litte?raire a` l'universite? Dongguk. Publie? dans plusieurs pays, Les Touristes du de?sastre est son premier livre traduit en France. Il a remporte? le prix policier international CWA Dagger 2021.