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WINNER OF THE 2019 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD 'Will leave you shaken to your very core' Cosmopolitan NAMED A MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2019 by Buzzfeed , Entertainment Weekly , New York Magazine , Electric Literature , T he Million s , PopSugar , Philadelphia Inquirer , Publisher's Weekly , Lit Hub , Bustle and Huffington Post 'An alchemical work that blends truth and art into a heady, addictive brew' Atlantic Sarah and David are in love - the obsessive, uncertain love of teenagers on the edge of adulthood. They have just started their first term at a performing arts school, where the rules are made by their magnetic drama instructor. Enclosing his students in a rarefied bubble where performance is everything, Mr Kingsley initiates them into a dangerous game that blurs the boundary between teacher and students. Two decades on we learn that what we were told about these teenagers' lives is not completely true, but not completely false either. The real story surrounding Sarah, David and their fellow students is larger and darker than we imagined, and the consequences have lasted a lifetime. Trust Exercise is an enthralling, captivating novel about how we define consent and what we lose, gain and never get over as we navigate our way into adulthood.

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