Hannibal and me


Charming and fascinating.--The Wall Street Journal The life of Hannibal, the Carthaginian general who crossed the;Alps;with his army in 218 BCE, is the stuff of legend. And the epic choices he and his Roman enemies made on the battlefield and in life offer timeless;lessons to us today;about how we should respond to our own victories and defeats.
Inspired by ancient history,;Hannibal and Me;explores the triumphs and disasters in our lives by examining the decisions made by Hannibal and others, including Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Steve Jobs, Ernest Shackleton, and Paul Cézanne. Kluth;shows why some overcome failure and others succumb to it, and why some fall victim to success while others thrive on it.;The result is a page-turning adventure tale, a compelling human drama, and an insightful guide to understanding behavior.

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