Running upon the wires Running upon the wires
Running upon the wires
Running upon the wires

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B>'Whether on stage or on the page, her language hits like lightning. It illuminates and it burns.' Guardian/b>Running Upon The Wires is Kate Tempest's first book of free-standing poetry since the acclaimed Hold Your Own. In a beautifully varied series of formal poems, spoken songs, fragments, vignettes and ballads, Tempest charts the heartbreak at the end of one relationship and the joy at the beginning of a new love; but also tells us what happens in between, when the heart is pulled both ways at once.Running Upon The Wires is, in a sense, a departure from her previous work, and unashamedly personal and intimate in its address - but will also confirm Tempest's role as one of our most important poetic truth-tellers: it will be no surprise to readers to discover that she's no less a direct and unflinching observer of matters of the heart than she is of social and political change. Running Upon The Wires is a heartbreaking, moving and joyous book about love, in its endings and in its beginnings.

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