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- Half a million copies sold - Winner of the Japan Booksellers Award voted for by the booksellers across Japan - CONVENIENCE STORE WOMAN with a fantasy twist, exploring emotional and anxiety issues in modern-day Japan. How will you save your friend if she doesn''t want to be saved? In a neighbourhood in Tokyo, seven young people wake up to find the mirrors in their bedrooms are shining. Placing their palms on its surface, they are pulled through into another world, a wondrous castle, where they encounter not only each other, but also their taskmaster: a petulant girl in a mask, named Wolf Queen. Though they do not yet know it yet, they all have one thing in common. Eager to uncover the secrets of the castle while keeping their own, their time here will not be without glitches. For a start, they must leave by five o''clock each day or face a terrifying penalty; they must all hunt for a key which will grant them only one wish; they must tell noone about the castle, As they struggle to abide by the rules of the game and of each other''s emotional boundaries, a powerful story unfolds, of seven characters trapped in a cycle of misunderstanding and loneliness, who are ultimately set free by the discovery of friendship, empathy, and sacrifice. . Brimming with warmth and generosity, LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR is a deeply tender and uplifting novel for anyone touched by feelings of sadness and vulnerability. Readers love LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR: - Ms. Tsujimura often deals with important themes, but what I like is you''re left with an upbeat feeling after you finish. - I shed some tears this time, too, at the end. - I got gooseflesh I don''t know how many times as I read this - I couldn''t stop crying at the ending and the epilogue. - I''d like my daughter to read this, and look forward to her thoughts. - Rare is the novel that is this sad, surprising, moving, and heart-warming. Shows how important it is when people reach out and help each other. .

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