Le pain est d'or Le pain est d'or
Le pain est d'or Le pain est d'or

Le pain est d'or

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Le pain est d'or aborde la question du gaspillage alimentaire. Le chef Massimo Bottura y dévoile les secrets de 50 des plus grands chefs du monde qui ont imaginé 150 recettes d'exception à partir de produits récupérés et abîmés. Faciles à reproduire chez soi, ces recettes dignes des plus grandes tables sont aussi bon marché que délicieuses.

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Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura is the chef patron of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant that he opened in 1995 in Modena, Italy, which was ranked #1 in the World's 50 Best in 2016. Massimo was interested in cooking from a young age. In 1986, he opened his first restaurant and subsequently developed his love of food while working for Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adrià. Massimo has created Refettorios, soup kitchens that use excess food from supermarkets and local suppliers to provide healthy, seasonal meals for people in need. He is the author of Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef, which was also published by Phaidon.ÿKey Selling Points