• Toby et Rachel, couple juif privilégié vivant dans les quartiers chics de Manhattan, se séparent. Après quinze ans de vie commune et deux enfants, ils ne parviennent plus à se comprendre. Pour Toby, simple médecin d'hôpital, c'est une forme de libération. Rachel était devenue agressive et méprisante avec sa carrière bien plus florissante que la sienne. Toby s'accommode donc assez bien de ce divorce, et de son nouveau célibat de quadra dans une ville qui foisonne de femmes célibataires.
    Mais tout bascule quand Rachel disparaît littéralement de la circulation : elle ne vient pas chercher les enfants comme prévu pour les emmener en vacances et surtout, ne donne plus le moindre signe de vie. Toby se retrouve donc à devoir jongler entre les enfants, son métier très prenant et ses nombreuses conquêtes. Peu à peu, il endosse le rôle de la mère et du père tout en enchaînant des situations plus cocasses les unes que les autres. Plus attachant de page en page, on le quitte subitement vers la fin du roman pour découvrir le point de vue de Rachel, et la vérité sur sa disparition. Un revers de médaille plus qu'inattendu qui nous plonge dans une immense émotion.
    Le roman d'un divorce à l'humour piquant irrésistible qui finit par nous embarquer dans une réflexion profonde sur l'égalité des sexes au sein du couple.

  • 'The most astonishingly brilliant Trojan horse of a novel' DOLLY ALDERTON 'Taffy Brodesser-Akner can write the pants off any novelist out there. She's a star, and this book is a work of utter perfection' ELIZABETH GILBERT ONE OF ESQUIRE UK'S 'BOOKS WE CAN'T WAIT TO READ IN 2019' AND LITERARY HUB'S 'MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF 2019' Finally free from his nightmare of a marriage, Toby Fleishman is ready for a life of online dating and weekend-only parental duties. But as he optimistically looks to a future that is wildly different from the one he imagined, his life turns upside-down as his ex-wife, Rachel, suddenly disappears. While Toby tries to find out what happened - juggling work, kids and his new, app-assisted sexual popularity - his tidy narrative of a spurned husband is his sole consolation. But if he ever wants to really understand where Rachel went and what really happened to his marriage, he is going to have to consider that he might not have seen it all that clearly in the first place . . . A BLISTERING SATIRICAL NOVEL ABOUT MARRIAGE, DIVORCE AND MODERN RELATIONSHIPS, BY ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING NEW VOICES IN AMERICAN FICTION 'Brimming with wisdom and utterly of this moment . . . Taffy Brodesser-Akner's debut is that rare and delicious treat: a page turner with heft' MARIA SEMPLE 'It is a Great Novel . . . It has depth, wit, nuance and life. Heartbreaking and funny' NIGELLA LAWSON 'Excellent first novel from the New York Times super-interviewer' THE SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE 'A marvel, full of shrewd observations, barbed wit, and deep insight . . . a remarkable debut novel from one of the most distinctive writers around' TOM PERROTTA

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    From the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of Fleishman Is in Trouble comes Long Island Compromise , a darkly exhilarating novel about an American family and its inheritance - the safety and wealth that they fought for, and the trauma, the fear, and precariousness of their survival that is their legacy. In 1982, wealthy businessman Carl Fletcher is kidnapped from his driveway in the nicest part of the nicest part of Long Island. He is brutalised, held for ransom and then, a week later, returned to his family. Carl, his wife and his kids all try to move on with their lives and resume their prized places in the ongoing saga of the American dream. But nearly 40 years later, when Carl''s mother dies, the trauma that has been bubbling beneath the Fletchers'' lives all this time finally surfaces for the entire family: Carl, the still-terrified father, desperately seeking closure to the matter of his kidnapping, but too trapped in the mire of his trauma to ask for it; his wife, Ruth, who has spent her potential protecting Carl''s emotional health to the detriment of her children''s; and their three grown children: Nathan, a walking panic attack trying to get promoted at his law firm; Beamer, a Hollywood producer numbing his perpetual terror with food, drugs and women; and Jenny, the wanderer, who has spent her life so bent on proving he is not a product of the family''s pathology that she comes to define it. Once Carl''s mother is gone, he finally allows himself to acknowledge what happened to him all those years ago, and face the question that''s been idling in his mind for a quarter of a century: where did the ransom go? And if he were ever to find the money, would it finally give him and his family the relief and comfort they''ve so needed all these years? PRAISE FOR FLEISHMAN IS IN TROUBLE : '' This is the novel of the summer . . . There is no one that this book isn''t for. I can''t believe it''s a first novel. Pure brilliance'' INDIA KNIGHT, THE SUNDAY TIMES ''Could be one of the books of my entire lifetime. I''ve never felt so seen'' GRACE DENT, GUARDIAN '' Sharp and wicked, insightful and funny, and then suddenly so touching'' DAVID NICHOLLS ''This book is a work of utter perfection'' ELIZABETH GILBERT

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