• They were four extroardinary women who read minds, healed bodies, diverted disasters, foretold the futureand became pariahs in their own land. A talented, elite cadre, they stepped out of the everyday human race...to enter their own!
    From the Paperback edition.

  • Xhinna, the first female Weyrleader, and her group of young dragonriders struggle to rebuild the decimated dragon population and protect the world from a deadly alien spore by collecting dragon eggs and protecting baby dragons from predators and saboteurs.

  • Anglais Damia

    McCaffrey Anne

    As willful as her mother, The Rowan, ever was, and possessing unimaginable powers, Damia defies her family's attempts to tame and train her--only to bond with Afra Lyon, a Talent who serves The Rowan, and who becomes the object of her affection.

  • Anglais Damia's Children

    McCaffrey Anne

    They inherited their mother's legendary powers of telepathy. But Damia's children will need more than psionic Talent to face the enemy's children--an alien race more insect than human...

  • Anglais Lyon's Pride

    McCaffrey Anne

    The Hive acts as a single entity, relentlessly swarming the galaxy, endlessly propagating on every habitable world they encounter--destroying native populations in the process. They do not recognize any sentience but their own. They do not acknowledge any attempt to communicate with them. They do not understand they leave countless numbers of dead in their wake.
    The Prime Talents of the Raven-Lyon clan--telepaths, teleporters, and telekinetics--have protected the Alliance from the Hive breeding contagion for years. Now a fleet orbits the alien homeworld to prevent them from leaving, and a Hive queen and her eggs are in captivity and quarantined. And unless the Raven-Lyons break the language barrier between Human and Hive, the Alliance may have no choice but to eliminate their entire race…

  • Kristin Bjornsen lived a normal life, right up until the day the spaceships floated into view above Denver. As human slaves were herded into the maw of a massive vessel, Kristin realized her normal life was over and her fight for freedom was just beginning…
    The alien Catteni value strength and intelligence in their slaves--and Kristin has managed to survive her enslavement while hundreds of other humans have not. But her trial has just begun, for now she finds herself part of a massive experiment. The aliens have discovered a new world, and they have a simple way of finding out if it’s habitable: drop hundreds of slaves on the surface and see what happens.
    If they survive, colonization can begin. If not, there are always more slaves.

  • Anglais Freedom's Ransom

    McCaffrey Anne

    Enslaved on an uninhabited planet by the alien Eosi, Kristin Bjornsen and her fellow humans not only survived against all odds to colonize the world now known as Botany, but liberated themselves from their captors and claimed it as their homeThe colonists could not have achieved victory without the help of the exiled Catteni alien, Zainal, who helped Kris contact other races subjugated by the Eosi, and inspired the rebellion that freed them all. To ensure Botanys future, its people must build alliances.In the wake of alien devastation, Earth has been looted of its technologytechnology Botany desperately needs. If Kris and Zainal can reclaim the stolen goods, they can assist Earth while setting a foundation for Botanys place in the universe

  • Anglais Freedom's Challenge

    McCaffrey Anne

    The alien Catteni invaded Earth and enslaved thousands of humans on the planet Botany, where they struggle to survive while colonizing the world for their overseers. Now that theyve proved Botany is capable of sustaining life, Kris Bjornsen and her fellow settlers have no intention of surrendering the home theyve created for themselvesArmed with the knowledge that the true enemy behind the Catteni is the Eosi race, Kris has begun a campaign to free Botanys settlers by raising a rebellion among her people against their parasitic oppressors.Aided by her Catteni lover, Zainal, Kris and the colonists manage to steal warshipsand discover dissidents on other Eosi-controlled worlds. If all of the subjugated races join forces, they will have an army large enough to win their freedom and their worlds.The war of liberation has begun.

  • Abducted by the alien Catteni, Kristin Bjornsen was one of many humans brought to the planet Botany as part of an experiment to see if it could support life. Enslaved and forced to colonize a world not their own, the settlers have accepted Botany as their homea home worth fighting forKristins people have learned that the aliens responsible for their imprisonment are merely mercenaries, subjugated by the parasitic Eosi Race, and that Botany is being farmed remotely by some unknown speciesa species that may be sympathetic to the colonists struggle for freedom.The Farmers refuse to join the humans in their rebellion against the Catteni, but they agree to use their technological skills to shield Botany and hide it from its enemiesbuying Kristin and the settlers time to build up their forces and liberate their world

    For generations, the descendants of the powerful telepath known as The Rowan have used their talents to benefit humanity. As human civilization reached out to colonize the stars, the family led Earth to ally itself with the peaceful alien Mrdini. Together, the two races have held back the predatory Hivers, who once decimated entire worlds.
    But there are factions on Earth who resent the power the family has accumulated. Now, with their goals of peace and prosperity so close at hand, The Rowan’s descendants face the looming destruction of all they have suffered to achieve…

  • Deux cents ans après l'arrivée des premiers colons, il ne reste plus de traces du fléau des Fils. Seuls les dragons de Pern s'en souviennent et les chevaliers-dragons n'ont pas oublié l'art de les entraîner au combat afin de protéger la population.
    Leur savoir et leurs connaissances seront mises à rude épreuve s'ils veulent sauver les habitants de Pern d'une issue mortelle.

  • La planète Ballybran, hérissée de formidables chaînes de montagnes, est le rendez-vous des chanteurs crystal. Ils y cherchent le crystal noir (qui assure une communication instantanée entre les mondes) et n'ont pas d'autre assurance que d'y trouver les spores (qui à terme leur feront perdre la mémoire).
    Killashandra Ree croyait qu'elle résoudrait ses problèmes en venant sur Ballydran. Hélas, elle a perdu son filon de crystal noir ; et elle souffre du mal du crystal à en devenir folle.
    Alors, elle repart. La planète Ophteria demande du crystal blanc pour réparer un orgue à sensations unique dans tout l'univers ; et justement elle a ce qu'il faut. Mais surtout son départ peut sauver l'homme qu'elle aime... et par la même occasion, pourquoi pas, lui faire rencontrer quelqu'un d'autre. Dans les grands espaces galactiques, les solitaires ont toujours leur chance.

  • En des temps de grands changements, les espoirs et les regrets se mêlent dans le coeur des hommes. Après tant de luttes héroïques, les chevaliers dragons doivent affronter une dernière menace. L'ultime chute des Fils combattue, l'Étoile Rouge, revenue à une orbite inoffensive, cessera d'être dangereuse pour Pern. Dans un monde libéré de son fléau et bouleversé par l'explosion de la technologie, les chevaliers dragons auront-ils encore leur place ?

  • Les sans-Forts, les parias de la société, errent sur le continent. Mais ils se retrouvent désarmés face au retour des Fils, ils n'ont rien pour se protéger. Thella s'est enfui afin d'échapper à un mariage forcé, elle fonde alors la bande des renégats. Leur vie ne sera que violence et espérance.

  • La carrière de chanteur de Piemur prend fin, il est affecté à la tour des tambours. C'est là qu'on apprenait le rythme, la procédure d'alerte et surtout le langage codé grâce auquel tous les Weyrs et les Forts pouvaient répondre instantanément aux attaques des Fils. Piemur plonge dans une grande aventure, de Forts en Forts.

  • Les Fils mortels pleuvent sur Pern, les Chevaliers-Dragons affrontent le danger malgré les intrigues des Seigneurs et la malveillance des Anciens. Pour relancer la guerre, il faudrait des armes nouvelles : les lézards de feu ou des larves ? À moins que la solution ne soit d'envahir l'Étoile Rouge...

  • Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense was the body-heir of Lady Rezalla and, as such, was the heiress of one of the First Families on Vega III. But even as a child she eschewed the formalities of her aristocratic background and was happiest in her father's shipyard. By the time she was in her twenties she was the designer of the most advanced space yacht in the galaxy, and was owner of the Rondymense shipyards.It was on a test of her Mark 5 prototype that things went wrong. In an empty space field, suitable for test runs, she was suddenly confronted with the boiling white pout of a wormhole, was sucked in, only to be thrown out into an unknown dimension of space. She was not the first. As she explored this new, unfamiliar section of the universe she found traces of ships that had been marooned over many centuries.Not knowing if she would ever return to the world she knew, Nimisha chose to land on 'Erewhon' - fascinating, terrifying, beautiful and frightening - and inhabited not only by three survivors of a previous Vegan ship but by something else...

  • The crew of shipbred technicians sent to the planet Ireta were prepared for a routine mission to catalog flora and fauna and search for new energy sources. Kai and his beautiful coleader Varian, the best xenob-vet in the business, followed all the standard procedures, but the result of their investigations was totally unexpected.
    When their rescue ship mysteriously disappears, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by giant swamp creatures, deadly predators, and terrifying dinosaurs. And a curious change begins to come over many of the crew members-a mutinous change that will lead all of them, in one way or another, into the primitive darkness of a future world that holds many mysteries yet to be revealed. . . .
    So begins Anne McCaffrey's exciting adventures Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors-together in one thrilling volume for the first time!

  • Perfect for diehard fans as well as readers discovering McCaffrey for the first time, this dazzling new volume features three classic novels from the early years of Pern-Dragonsdawn, Dragonseye, and Moreta.
    The spectacular planet Pern seems a paradise to its new colonists-until unimaginable terror turns it into hell. Suddenly deadly spores are falling like silver threads from the sky, destroying everyone and everything they touch. Pern is in mortal danger. The only thing that can stop the Thread is the fire from Pern's flying dragons. Now, the colonists must join forces with the dragons to burn the Thread before the parasite devours any and all organic life-and turns lush Pern into a barren wasteland.
    On Dragonwings traces the story of the early generations on Pern. From the colonists who first created the fire-breathing dragons for protection, through the rise of the dragonriders, these three novels set readers on a daring quest to protect a beautiful and extraordinary planet.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's Catacombs.
    Pilot, navigator, engineer, doctor, scientist--ship's cat? All are essential to the well-staffed space vessel. Since the early days of interstellar travel, when Tuxedo Thomas, a Maine coon cat, showed what a cat could do for a ship and its crew, the so-called Barque Cats have become highly prized crew members. Thomas's carefully bred progeny, ably assisted by humans--Cat Persons--with whom they share a deep and loving bond, now travel the galaxy, responsible for keeping spacecraft free of vermin, for alerting human crews to potential environmental hazards, and for acting as morale officers.
    Even among Barque Cats, Chessie is something special. Her pedigree, skills, and intelligence, as well as the close rapport she has with her human, Janina, make her the most valuable crew member aboard the Molly Daise. And the litter of kittens in her belly only adds to her value.
    Then the unthinkable happens. Chessie is kidnapped--er, catnapped--from Dr. Jared Vlast's vet clinic at Hood Station by a grizzled spacer named Carl Poindexter. But Chessie's newborn kittens turn out to be even more extraordinary than their mother. For while Chessie's connection to Janina is close and intuitive, the bond that the kitten Chester forms with Carl's son, Jubal, is downright telepathic. And when Chester is sent into space to learn his trade, neither he nor Jubal will rest until they're reunited.
    But the announcement of a widespread epidemic affecting livestock on numerous planets throws their future into doubt. Suddenly the galactic government announces a plan to impound and possibly destroy all exposed animals. Not even the Barque Cats will be spared.
    With the clock racing against them, Janina, Jubal, Dr. Vlast, and a handful of very special kittens will join forces with the mysterious Pshaw-Ra--an alien-looking cat with a hidden agenda--to save the Barque Cats, other animals, and quite possibly the universe as they know it from total destruction.

  • Lord Artos is on a historic quest - to search out the finest black horses ever known to man. He has vowed to drive the invading Saxons out of Britain, and he needs big, strong, powerful horses to carry his army into battle. Galwyn, a young Roman-Celt, leaps at the chance to accompany the group, little guessing the adventure ahead of him - or the price he will have to pay for his loyalty...

  • They are the Caradynes, who for over 200 years have bred and trained horses of the finest caliber on Coernanagh. But all is not idyllic at hearth and home. Catriona, the youngest child, longs to ride her family's big jumpers and show horses. Her father Michael, recognizes her gift, but her mother hates the very idea. All is in a stalemate until Lady Selina Healy enters their lives, and provides for Catriona and her father a stunning example of how the reins of power can be held by a glorious, fearless woman.
    From the Paperback edition.

  • The spacefaring Barque Cats are valued members of every vessel’s crew, thanks to their special bond with humans. Then Pshaw-Ra, a mysterious cat with highly advanced knowledge, gives the felines the power of telepathy. When panic over a virulent plague drives the government to exterminate animals, Pshaw-Ra guides the cats and humans of the starship Ranzo to safety on his home planet, Mau. But Pshaw-Ra has a hidden agenda. His ultimate goal? Mate the Barque Cats with their godlike counterparts who rule on Mau and create a superior race to conquer the universe. His plans, however, may be doomed by his daughters’ battle royal to become queen, by a suspicious Barque Cat with an equally curious human friend--and by something stirring deep beneath the city with a hunger to devour all life . . . and an undying hatred for cats.

  • Although Lorana cured the dragons' sickness so many died from the disease that there are no longer enough dragons to fight the deadly Thread, and more dragons and their riders die each Threadfall. With their numbers dwindling, Lorana made the decision to fly forward in time in a desperate bid to bring dragons from the future to fight Thread. She knew that jumping so far in time would result in her losing her baby, but without her jump all life on Pern is doomed. Back at Telgar Weyr Fiona, Kindan and T'mar realise what Lorana has done. They are desperately sad, but two things give them hope. The first is that Fiona is expecting twins, and the second the fact that all the dragonriders are exhausted, a sign that they are Timing it - existing elsewhere in space and time - which gives them hope that Lorana has found a way through time to help them.Sure enough, led by messages left for them by Lorana, they fly through space to the Dawn Sisters, the ships hanging in space that brought their ancestors to Pern. From there they look down at the beautiful planet and see a previously undiscovered continent - this is where they are Timing it and where they are reunited with Lorana. Now they can increase the number and strength of the dragons before going back to their own time to fight Thread. Although Lorana found she couldn't break time, she has found a way to cheat it.