• Anglais Nicole's Revenge

    Lisette Allen

    A lavish 18th century-set Erotic historical It's September 1792 and France is in the throes of violent revolution. Young actress Nicole Chabrier came to Paris four years earlier to seek fame and fortune with the Paris Opera but now her life is in danger from the hordes who are venting their anger on the decadent aristocracy. Rescued by a handsome stranger who has been badly wronged by the nobility, Nicole soon becomes ruled by her passion for this man. Together they seek a reversal of fortune using their charm, good looks and sexual magnetism.

  • Anglais The Amulet

    Lisette Allen

    Catrina, an orphan adopted by the pagan Celts, has grown into a beautiful young woman. Luad, the lecherous Druid Leader, is training her in the way of the priesthood, but Catrina is not happy. When the tribe captures a handsome Roman legionary called Alexius - with every intention of killing him - she finds herself strongly drawn to his masculine charms and vows to leave the uncivilised clan.
    But she is shocked when Alexius escapes, taking her scared silver amulet with him. Pursuing him to the Roman city of Eboracum, Catrina realises that decadence is rife, with slaves and gladiators. Carried away by the wild sensuality of the Romans' exotic lifestyle, she discovers the true nature of her desires, and those of Alexius.

  • Anglais Ace Of Hearts

    Lisette Allen

    lavish erotic historical set in 19th century England
    1816. The wealthy elite is enjoying an unprecedented era of hedonistic adventure. Their lives are filled with parties, sexual dalliances and scandal. Marisa Brooke is a young lady who lives by her wits, fencing and cheating the wealthy at cards. She also likes seducing young men and indulging her fancy for pleasure s of the flesh. However, love and fortune are lost as easily as they are won, and she has to use all her skill and cunning if she wants to hold on to her lovers and her winnings....

  • Anglais Risky Business

    Lisette Allen

    They come from different worlds. but their paths are destined to cross. Liam is a working-class journalist fighting a passionate battle against environmental injustice. Rebecca is a spoilt rich girl used to having whatever and whoever, she wants. They are thrown into a dangerous intimacy with each other when Liam - on the run from an irate enemy - is forced to hijack Rebecca's car. Using his rugged charm, he manages to access her true sexuality - something no man has ever done. The usually cool Rebecca is forced to make a choice between her sophisticated but bland lifestyle and the exciting but unpredictable world offered by her charismatic captor.

  • Anglais Elena's Conquest

    Lisette Allen

    When Norman soldiers besiege a convent on a summer's day in 1070, a young saxon girl, Elena, is taking captive. She is chosen by the dark and masterfull Lord Aimery Le Sabrenn to satisfy his savage desires.

    Captivated by his powerful masculinity, Elena is then horriffed to discover she is not the only woman in his castle. The sinister Lady Isobel - Le Sabrenn's wife - is a cruel rival and out to destroy her.

    Packed with brawny Saxons and cruel Normans, this fun historical erotic novel explores jealousy and seduction in the time of William the Conquerer.

  • The stunning sequel to Elena's Conquest.The year is 1073. The gentle convent-bred Elena awakened to the joys of forbidden passion by the masterful knight Aimery le Sabrenn, has been forcibly separated from her lover by war. She is haunted by the memory of him. Then fate brings her to William the Conqueror's dark stronghold of Rouen, and a reunion with Aimery.Although Elena is still captivated by his powerful masculinity,she discovers that Aimery is no longer hers. As the King's formidable knights prepare for war, Elena must fight a desperate battle for Aimery against her two rivals: the scheming Isobel and a wanton heiress called Henriette. Dangerous games are played amidst the increasing tension of a merciless siege.