• Anglais Hudson

    Janice Weaver

    History has not been kind to Henry Hudson. He's been dismissed as a short-tempered man who played favorites with his crew and had an unstoppable ambition and tenacity. Although he gave his name to a mighty river, an important strait, and a huge bay, today he is remembered more for the mutiny that took his life. The grandson of a trader, Hudson sailed under both British and Dutch flags, looking for a northern route to China. Although none of his voyages led to the discovery of a northwest passage, he did explore what is now Hudson's Bay and what is now New York City.
    Whatever his personal shortcomings, to sail through dangerous, ice-filled waters with only a small crew in a rickety old boat, he must have been someone of rare courage and vision. In Hudson, Janice Weaver has created a compelling portrait of a man who should be remembered not for his tragic end, but for the way he advanced our understanding of the world.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • - Why are Americans superstitious about two-dollar bills?
    - Why do we have twelve months in a year instead of ten, or six, or even twenty?
    - Why do we celebrate foolishness on the first day of April?
    - Why is yawning contagious?
    - Why is the number thirteen considered to be unlucky in so many different cultures?
    The A to Z of Everyday Things tells the surprising stories behind twenty-six seemingly ordinary objects and activities. From calendars and money to tulips and sideburns, this book uses commonplace items to explore the rich but often overlooked cultural history of our everyday lives. In the end, The A to Z of Everyday Things offers us a picture of modern life and how we got here in a funny, quirky, and highly readable form.

  • Le merveilleux Noël de Maggie, Ami Weaver  Maggie ressent une joie intense, mêlée de soulagement, lorsque le Dr Josh Tanner, veuf depuis quelques années, l'engage comme nourrice pour son fils Cody, quatre ans. Car, si ce poste est une belle opportunité professionnelle, c'est surtout un moyen de se rapprocher du petit garçon, qui lui est déjà si cher, pour des raisons qu'elle peut difficilement avouer à Josh... Raisons qui l'empêchent aussi de céder à l'attirance qui, au fil des jours, la pousse de plus en plus vers le beau médecin...  Dans les bras du Dr Williams, Janice Lynn  Une nuit dans les bras du Dr Riley Williams : Trinity n'osait même pas en rêver, et voilà que c'est arrivé ! Sauf que, au matin, la réalité la heurte de plein fouet : Riley est son collègue, et elle a passé la nuit dans son lit, après une fête entre employés de l'hôpital... Mortifiée, elle préfère prendre la fuite. Hors de question que qui que ce soit à l'hôpital apprenne ce qui s'est passé entre eux : dorénavant, elle fera tout pour éviter Riley, quoi qu'il lui en coûte - oui, même si elle est folle amoureuse de lui.