• Anglais The Calling

    Inger Ash Wolfe

    'That rare unplug-the-phone, skip-all-meals, ignore-your-bedtime thriller.' GILLIAN FLYNNDetective Inspector Hazel Micallef is making her way towards retirement after keeping the peace in the sleepy town of Port Dundas for many years. But when a local woman is found murdered - her mouth gruesomely shaped into a silent cry - Hazel and her department are faced with their biggest case yet. They soon discover that this is not the first time a body has been found in this way, and it is unlikely to be the last. The Calling is soon to be a major film starring Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace and Donald Sutherland.'A stunning serial killer chiller - dark, surprising and utterly compelling' MO HAYDER

  • 'NIGHTMARE': WHEN FACT AND FICTION COLLIDEDetective Inspector Hazel Micallef is recovering from a bad year, and a traumatic back operation that has left her in the care of her ex husband and his new wife. But Hazel is lured back to work when a body is pulled from a nearby lake: a discovery that eerily mirrors a disturbing story printed in the local newspaper.The author of the tale can't be found, and when gruesome, taunting clues begin to arrive Hazel realises she's dealing with a master manipulator, a crazed soul who knows her every move . . .

  • @90@@90@@90@@28@There were thirteen crime-scene pictures. Dead faces set in grimaces and shouts. Faces howling, whistling, moaning, crying, hissing. Hazel pinned them to the wall and stood back. It was a silent opera of ghosts. @33@@34@@018@Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef has lived all her days in the small town of Port Dundas and is now making her way toward retirement with something less than grace. Hobbled by a bad back and a dependence on painkillers, and feeling blindsided by divorce after nearly four decades of marriage, sixty-one-year-old Hazel has only the constructive criticism of her old goat of a mother and her own sharp tongue to buoy her. But when a terminally ill Port Dundas woman is gruesomely murdered in her own home, Hazel and her understaffed department must spring to life. And as one terminally ill victim after another is found@95@#151;their bodies drained of blood, their mouths sculpted into strange shapes@95@#151;Hazel finds herself tracking a truly terrifying serial killer across the country while everything she was barely holding together begins to spin out of control. @33@@34@Through the cacophony of her bickering staff, her unsupportive superiors, a clamoring press, the town@95@#8217;s rumor mill, and her own nagging doubts, Hazel can sense the dead trying to call out. But what secret do they have to share? And will she hear it before it@95@#8217;s too late? @33@@34@In @28@The Calling, I@018@nger Ash Wolfe brings a compelling new voice and an irresistible new heroine to the mystery world. @91@@91@@91@

  • Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef of Port Dundas, Ontario is making her way toward retirement with something less than grace. Hobbled by a bad back and a dependence on painkillers, and blindsided by her recent divorce, sixty-one-year-old Hazel has only the constructive criticism of her old goat of a mother to buoy her.

    But when a Port Dundas woman is found murdered in her home - with no sign of resistance and her mouth sculpted into a strangely meaningful shape - Hazel's bickering department springs to life. And as more bodies are found, Hazel must confront a clamoring press and the town's rumour mill whilst she edges ever closer to this terrifying, gruesomely inventive serial killer

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  • Delia Chandler, 81 ans : égorgée.
    Michael Ulmer, 26 ans : mutilé au marteau. A Port Dundas, petite commune du Canada, on n'a jamais connu une telle horreur. Mais plus que la violence, c'est l'absence de traces de lutte et d'effraction qui inquiète la police. Un pacte macabre unissait-il le tueur à ses victimes ? A la poursuite d'un ange de la mort, la chasse à l'homme commence...

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    Ash Wolfe Inger

    Commune de Port Dundas, Ontario. L'inspecteur Hazel Micallef est en convalescence et pour cette femme de terrain, l'inactivité n'a rien d'une promenade de santé. Clouée chez son ex-mari et sa nouvelle épouse, et soumise aux bons soins de sa mère, ses seules distractions sont les visites du détective Wingate, qui la tient informée des affaires courantes. Or un matin. ses collègues enregistrent une déposition inquiétante. Un couple parti pêcher sur un lac a remonté le corps d'une femme décapitée dans ses filets. Plus troublant encore : les détails de la macabre découverte sont relatés dans le premier épisode du roman de l'été, paru quelques jours plus tôt dans le journal local. Pas de doute, l'inspecteur Micallef et son équipe se retrouvent engagés, malgré eux, dans un jeu de piste extrêmement vicieux. S'ils gagnent, ils sauvent une vie, s'ils perdent... Pour Hazel, cette seconde option n'est pas envisageable. Même physiquement diminuée, elle ira jusqu'au bout !