• Melusine decides to make love potions, but she'd better be careful: One too many drops of libidinous toad's saliva and the decoction will be explosive; minus three hairs off an enamoured bat and the charming prince will become a hideous monster...

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  • Take out your nicest shrouds, dust off your coffins, and slick your spider webs: Melusine invites you to the great vampire ball. The little witch is back in a new series of gags, dreadfully funny as always. All her family is there: the witches Adrazelle and Cancrelune, of course, but also Mister and Madam, the owners of the haunted castle.

  • In this first volume, the charming little witch is working as a nanny in a castle in Transylvania. The lady of the house is a very bad-tempered phantom, her husband is quite a cool vampire, and the footman is a sort of Frankenstein with an exceptionally limited intellect. In short, nothing out of the ordinary...

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  • Melusine is a sorcerer's apprentice, funny and dynamic, who does everything possible to become a powerful witch. Unfortunately, she's not always successful, and very often her tricks turn against her and her friends... But tremble, poor mortals, for it's the return of Halloween, the day of witches and the walking dead! This festival of demons must be celebrated with dignity, with great smashing of pumpkins and rotten tricks. The opportunity rises for Melusine and her friends to show what they can do... And then to start a new storm of gags and catastrophes!

  • Mélusine, apprentie sorcière, partage son temps entre l'école de magie et son poste de jeune fille au pair au château. C'est beaucoup de travail et de stress, et elle a besoin de se distraire, de s'amuser. Quoi de mieux, pour cela, qu'une bonne soirée passée à se raconter des histoires entre amies ? Dragons, enchanteurs, princes et princesses. Tous ont droit au traitement « conte de fées » - sauf que. Hé bien, Mélusine n'est pas exactement une gentille fée.

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