• Cassie's chic, smart and knows how to get her clients off the hook. However, when Governer Bryce 'Baby Face' Clarkson's libido lands him in hot water, Cassie's not so keen to bail out this particular red-blooded male. Bryce and Cassie were lovers six years earlier, until she caught the handsome charismatic politician cheating on her and dumped him. Now he's a potential presidential candidate, but he has to survive Queenie Amazon, a buxom dominatrix who is threatening to release a raunchy sex tape featuring the debauched governor in a collar and leash. Cassie is torn between revenge and professional commitment, and she is also becoming increasingly attracted to Bryce's brawny head of security, ex-mercinary Brian Collin. In an atmosphere charged with sexual power, the stakes are high as Election Day draws closer.

  • It's not a common occurrence that a gorgeous hunk ties you up, robs the house you're stayng in, and kisses you breathless. Unless you're Maggie Quinton, that is: savvy, sexy architect working on a remote island off Florida. In Maggie's case, the buff burglar keeps coming back in search of an item he claims the apartment's owner stole from him.

    Flustered and aroused, Maggie calls in her jet-setting sister for moral support, but flirty, dark-haired Diane is much more interested in the island's ruggedly handsome police chief, 'Griff' Grifford. And then there's his deputy, Cosgrove, with his bulging biceps and creative uses for handcuffs. Can the lovely sisters keep from uttering the terrible 'c' word - commitment - to men that are a little too wild to be good for them?