• Borne

    Jeff Vandermeer

    Gromovar, Quoi de neuf sur ma pile

    J'ai trouvé Borne quand l'ours géant Mord est venu rôder près de chez nous par une belle journée couleur bronze. Pour moi, au début, Borne n'était qu'un objet de récupération. J'ignorais quelle importance il aurait pour nous. Je ne pouvais pas savoir qu'il changerait tout. Y compris moi.

  • "La Zone X, mystérieuse, mortelle. Et en expansion. Onze expéditions soldées par des suicides, meurtres, cancers foudroyants et troubles mentaux. Douzième expédition. Quatre femmes. Quatre scientifiques seules dans une nature sauvage. Leur but : ne pas se laisser contaminer, survivre et cartographier la Zone X. « Un thriller psychologique crispant et glacial... Un peu de Kubrick, beaucoup de Lovecraft, le roman provoque une tension insupportable et une peur claustrophobique qui vous habite longtemps. J'ai adoré. » LAUREN BEUKES « Original, beau, angoissant et magnifique. » WARREN ELLIS « Effrayant et fascinant. » STEPHEN KING"

  • Cela fait maintenant trente années que l'on tente de percer les mystères de la Zone X, ceinturée par une frontière invisible, où tout signe de civilisation a disparu. Douze expéditions, toutes tragiquement inutiles, ont été supervisées par un organisme gouvernemental tellement secret qu'il en est quasi oublié : le Rempart Sud.
    Fraîchement nommé à sa tête, John Rodriguez, dit Control, hérite d'une équipe méfiante et désespérée, d'une masse de questions, de notes secrètes et d'heures d'enregistrement
    étrangement anxiogènes. Dans Autorité, les questions d'Annihilation trouvent des réponses.
    Loin d'être rassurantes...

  • Tandis que la Zone X s'étend, l'agence chargée de l'enquête et de sa surveillance, le Rempart Sud, s'effondre. Une dernière équipe tente le tout pour le tout et traverse la frontière, déterminée à atteindre une île reculée qui pourrait apporter des réponses. Un échec mettrait le monde en péril.
    Acceptation creuse les circonstances entourant la création de la Zone X. Qui se trouve à l'origine de ce bouleversement ? Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà approché la vérité sur la Zone ? Ou été corrompu par elle ?
    Dans ce dernier livre crépusculaire et mélancolique de la trilogie du Rempart Sud, les mystères sont résolus mais la terreur monte.

  • On a far-future Earth, where vast deserts - ecological disaster areas - surround walled city-states slowly losing their grip on advanced technology, the mysterious Quin manipulates biological engineering to create sentient species as both toys and manual labour. When Nicholas, a failed holo artist, decides to visit Quin, he - along with his programmer sister Nicola and her former lover, Shadrach - will discover just how dangerous it is to know Quin -- in the place known as Veniss Underground.

    'Visionary episodes come thicker and faster, and at times the author only barely controls his own invention ... The denouement is as powerful as any I have read' MICHAEL MOORCOCK, Guardian 'An outstanding first novel brimming with startling ideas' Scotsman 'A dark, phantasmagoric tale that echoes Dante's Divine Comedy, the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and the landscapes of Hieronymus Bosch' Publishers Weekly In this debut novel, literary alchemist Jeff VanderMeer has produced a triumph of the imagination, revealing the mysterious city of Veniss through three intertwined voices.

    First, Nicholas, a would-be Living Artist, seeks to escape his demons in Veniss' shadowy underground - but in doing so makes a deal with the devil himself. In her fevered search for him, his twin sister, Nicola, spins her own unusual and hypnotic tale as she discovers the hidden secrets of the city. And finally, haunted by Nicola's sudden, mysterious disappearance and gripped by despair, Shadrach, Nicola's lover, embarks on a mythic journey. He must steel himself to visit the nightmarish levels deep beneath the surface of the city, to bring his love back to light. For on a far-distant earth, these depths hold perils that are both complex and chilling. There, he will find wonders beyond imagining ... and horrors greater than the heart can bear.

    Veniss Underground is a critically acclaimed masterpiece, where dreams and nightmares entwine as three fellow travellers strive to achieve their deepest desires.

  • The most complete updated edition of this fantastical excursion to an imaginary city.

  • If J.J. Abrams and Margaret Atwood collaborated on a novel, it might look something like 'Annihilation', the first in an extraordinary trilogy.

  • In the second volume of the Southern Reach Trilogy, questions are answered, stakes are raised, and mysteries are deepened ...

  • For most of us, these prizewinning spelling bee words would be difficult to pronounce, let alone spell. We asked twenty-one of today's most talented and inventive writers to go even further and pen an original tale inspired by one of dozens of obscure and fascinating championship words. The result is Logorrhea-a veritable dictionary of the weird, the fantastic, the haunting, and the indefinable that will have you spellbound from the very first page. There's only one word for such an irresistible anthology: Logorrhea From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais Finch

    VanderMeer Jeff

    AMBERGRIS: 239 Manzikert Avenue, Apartment 525. Two dead bodies lie on a dusty floor. One corpse is cut in half, the other is utterly unmarked. Only one is human. Ambergris is occupied, ruined and rotting. Its buildings are crumbling, or mutating into moist and hostile new life forms. The population is brought to its knees by narcotics, detention camps and arbitrary acts of terror. And for motives unknown, the new masters of the city want this bizarre case closed. Now. With no leads and one week to conclude his investigation, Detective John Finch is about to find himself in the cross-hairs of every spy, rebel, informer and traitor in town. And what he discovers will change Ambergris forever...

  • From Lovecraft to Borges to Gaiman, a century of intrepid literary experimentation has created a corpus of dark and strange stories that transcend all known genre boundaries. Together these stories form The Weird and amongst its practitioners number some of the greatest names in twentieth and twenty-first century literature.Exotic and esoteric, The Weird plunges you into dark domains and brings you face to face with surreal monstrosities; you won't find any elves or wizards here... but you will find the boldest and downright most peculiar stories from the last hundred years bound together in the biggest Weird collection ever assembled.The Weird features an all star cast of authors, from classics to international bestsellers to Booker prize winners. Here are Ben Okri and George R.R. Martin, Angela Carter and Kelly Link, Franz Kafka and China Miéville, Clive Barker and Haruki Murakami, M.R. James and Neil Gaiman, Mervyn Peake and Michael Chabon, Stephen King and Daphne Du Maurier.

  • This humorous collection includes work by Neil Gaiman, China Miéville and many other talented authors.Marvellously entertaining dip-in spoof guide to exotic fictional illnesses and afflictions. Fifty-eight authors contributed, including the editors, with work by Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore and Rachel Pollack among many others. This must be the most extraordinary and complete guide to imaginary ailments ever assembled - with each 'disease' carefully documented by the most stellar collection of speculative fiction writers ever to play doctor. Detailed within for your reading and diagnostic pleasure are the frightening, ridiculous, and downright absurdly hilarious symptoms, histories, and possible cures to all the ills human flesh doesn't suffer, including Ballistic Organ Disease and Reverse Pinocchio Syndrome.The guide is also illustrated throughout with curious and humorously unenlightening sketches.

  • Quite possibly the GREATEST science-fiction collection of ALL TIME--past, present, and FUTURE! What if life was never-ending? What if you could change your body to adapt to an alien ecology? What if the Pope was a robot? Spanning galaxies and millennia, this must-have anthology showcases classic contributions from H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, Octavia Butler, and Kurt Vonnegut alongside a century of the eccentrics, rebels, and visionaries who have inspired generations of readers. Within its pages, find beloved worlds of space opera, hard SF, cyberpunk, the new wave, and more. Learn the secret history of science fiction, from literary icons who wrote SF to authors from over 25 countries, some never before translated into English. In THE BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE FICTION, literary power couple Ann and Jeff VanderMeer transport readers from Mars to Mechanopolis, planet Earth to parts unknown. Read the genre that predicted electric cars, travel to the moon, and the modern smart phone. We’ve got the worlds if you’ve got the time. Including: · Legendary tales from Isaac Asimov and Ursula LeGuin! · An unearthed sci-fi story from W.E.B. DuBois! · The first publication of the work of cybernetic visionary David R. Bunch in 20 years! · A rare and brilliant novella by Chinese international sensation Liu Cixin! Plus: · Aliens! · Space battles! · Robots! · Technology gone wrong! · Technology gone right!