Karen Van Godtsenhoven

  • Birds of paradise, exotic flowers, the Garden of Eden, Klimt, art nouveau and Les Ballets Russes are the sources of inspiration for the fantastic and exclusive oeuvre of this Belgian designer who has her own shops in Paris, London, Taipei and Brussels, and a distribution network supplying the world's most luxurious couture houses.
    For thirty years, Carine Gilson has been designing luxurious lingerie crafted from silk and lace in her Brussels workshop. Worn by the most beautiful women in the world, her exclusive lingerie is what dreams are made of. Gilson's lace and silk radiate incredible finesse, and her haute lingerie designs carry you off into a world of sensuality, refinement and virtuosity. This book is all about her sources of inspiration, her designs, the craftsmanship of her workshop, Chantilly silk and Lyon lace.

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  • Jongmans designs her costumes and then converts the three-dimensional images to the flat surface. She uses simple packaging materials such as foam and foam rubber to make her clothes.
    "Most people throw away foam, but like a child I see the diamond in a stone. The use of residual material is a reaction to the present and the mass consumption that surrounds us", Suzanne Jongmans.

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