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    Dans une ambiance très fleurie, où les fleurs parsèment les pages de façon symbolique, Sama se pose beaucoup de questions sur sa sexualité : elle prend conscience que ce n'est pas sa moitié qu'elle recherche, mais peut-être simplement son double. À travers le style semi-réaliste tout en finesse de Sokie porté par le scénario de Katia Even et les couleurs de Marina Duclos, cet album nous plonge dans le déni de notre propre tendance sexuelle : qui aime-t-on sincèrement ?

  • This book, as the outcome of the COST-728/NetFAM workshop, focuses on the follow­ing main topics: 1) on-line coupled meteorology-chemistry modelling with two-way feedbacks, 2) off-line coupled modelling and interfaces, 3) validation and case studies including air quality related episodes, and 4) integration of atmospheric chemical transport (ACT) models with numerical weather prediction (NWP).This book is one of the first attempts to give an overall look on such integrated meso-meteorology and chemistry modelling approach. It reviews the current situation with the on-line and off-line coupling of mesoscale meteorological and ACT models worldwide as well as discusses advantages and shortcomings, best practices, and gives recommendations for on-line and off-line coupling of NWP and ACT models, implementation strategy for different feedback mechanisms, direct and indirect effects of aerosols and advanced interfaces between both types of models. The book is oriented towards numerical weather prediction and air quality modelling communities.