Judy Smith

  • "A memoir with the fierce narrative force of an eastern Montana blizzard, rich in story and character, filled with the bone-chilling details of Blunt's childhood. She writes without bitterness, with an abiding love of the land and the work and her family and friends that she finally left behind, at great sacrifice, to begin to write. This is a magnificent achievement, a book for the ages. I've never read anything that compares with it." --James Crumley, author of The Last Good Kiss Born into a third generation of Montana homesteaders, Judy Blunt learned early how to "rope and ride and jockey a John Deere," but also to "bake bread and can vegetables and reserve my opinion when the men were talking." The lessons carried her through thirty-six-hour blizzards, devastating prairie fires and a period of extreme isolation that once threatened the life of her infant daughter. But though she strengthened her survival skills in what was--and is--essentially a man's world, Blunt's story is ultimately that of a woman who must redefine herself in order to stay in the place she loves. Breaking Clean is at once informed by the myths of the West and powerful enough to break them down. Against formidable odds, Blunt has found a voice original enough to be called classic.

  • This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date compendium of all aspects of brain tumors in children. After introductory chapters on the epidemiology of brain tumors, the book will provide readers with state-of-the art chapters on the principals of radiation therapy, neurosurgery and neuroimaging. Subsequent chapters discuss the biology and treatment of specific types of brain tumors. The concluding chapters present critical information relevant to survivorship, neurocognitive and other late effects, and the global challenges to better diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors in children. This book is co-authored by experts in the treatment of pediatric brain tumors. All of the authors are internationally recognized authorities and they offer an evidence-based consensus on the biology and treatment of brain tumors. This handbook has far-reaching applicability to the clinical diagnosis and management of brain tumors in children and will prove valuable to specialists, generalists and trainees alike.

  • This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date compendium on all aspects of blood and marrow transplantation in children. After an introductory chapter describing the history of pediatric blood and marrow transplantation, subsequent chapters discuss pediatric-specific aspects of transplantation, including stem cell sources suitable for transplantation, preparative regimens, graft-versus-host disease, complications related to transplantation, and late effects. The role of blood and marrow transplantation in various specific pediatric diseases is then examined, and the closing chapter considers future directions. The authors are all internationally recognized experts and offer a largely evidence-based consensus on etiology, biology, and treatment. This handbook has far-reaching applicability to the clinical diagnosis and management of pediatric diseases that are treatable with blood and marrow transplantation and will prove invaluable to specialists, generalists, and trainees alike.

  • Doing business in the tourism and hospitality scene in Asia can be very interesting and rewarding but also poses many challenges. Not many books have been written on the hospitality industry in Asia. Strategic Hospitality Leadership makes a useful contribution, providing the first specialized approach to the business of hospitality in Asia. The book is an invaluable resource of reference and insightful compendium by contributors who are the Cornell School of Administration's alumni, the Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management faculty, and members of its Joint Advisory Board. Their varied backgrounds and profound appreciation of the complexities in building enterprises from the ground up, or expanding an on-going business organization are the types of first-hand knowledge and perspective that is beneficial, informative, and inspirational to industry veterans and students alike. These contributors include chief executives and senior management of hotels and resorts, serviced apartments, restaurants, and food and beverage groups, who have been successful in Asia.  Strategic Hospitality Leadership provides readers with the collective wisdom of these successful top executives on a range of topics including brand management, strategic direction, service, marketing, human resource, crisis management, business growth, leadership, portfolio management, best practices, and development. The book will help current and future leaders address major issues that are being and will continue to be confronted in the hospitality industry in Asia, and aims to increase the success of new entrants into Asia.  

  • The education of the real estate professional is changing and aligning itself more closely with the world of business.
    This book takes a new approach to property appraisal by exploring the pricing mechanism in this changing context. It:
    develops the notion of the pricing mechanism in relation to property
    covers practical issues of comparison and the real problems in applying valuation theory
    explores calculations - including social and environmental worth - ignored in other texts
    As real estate professionals now advise both on strategic and operational aspects of built assets, they must take into account practices of other investment markets and see investors as competitors to owner-occupiers. Both owner-occupiers and investors have to assess accurately how their buildings perform but also be aware of wider sustainability issues, and social and environmental responsibilities. Real Estate Appraisal: from value to worth meets these new demands by examining the latest techniques of the marketplace; developing an understanding of both market appraisal and worth; and highlighting the emerging role of sustainability as a driver for decision-making in real estate.
    Written by a group of highly experienced lecturers and professionals at the cutting edge of investment practice, the book has an accessible style and authoritative coverage, for both students and practitioners facing changes in established ways of working.
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  • Un secret pour deux, Karen Rose Smith Alertée en pleine nuit par les sanglots d'un bébé, Gwen Langworthy découvre, bouleversée, un nouveau-né abandonné dans un couffin, devant sa porte. Sur ses vêtements, un prénom : Amy... Persuadée que la petite fille n'a pas été déposée là par hasard, Gwen décide de retrouver la mère du bébé, et fait appel à Garrett Maxwell, spécialisé dans la recherche d'enfants perdus. Garrett, étrangement, se montre d'abord réticent. Un comportement qui choque Gwen autant qu'il l'intrigue. Car si elle-même a des raisons très personnelles de vouloir rendre la petite fille à sa mère, elle ignore tout du douloureux secret de Garrett...

    Sur les ailes de la passion, Judy Duarte Jamais jusqu'à présent Bo Conway n'avait osé poser les yeux sur Carly, la belle et élégante épouse de Greg Banning, richissime propriétaire de la maison coloniale de Rosewood où il faisait régulièrement des travaux d'ébénisterie. Mais en apprenant que les Banning venaient de divorcer, Bo avait senti un espoir fou l'envahir et en même, le torturer. Allait-il garder secrète cette passion qui le rongeait ? Ou avouer à Carly Banning qu'il la désirait jour et nuit ? Encore fallait-il qu'elle ait remarqué son existence...

  • Une famille avec toi, Karen Rose Smith Entre Raina et Shep McGraw, le coup de foudre est immédiat. Mais quand, très vite, Shep lui propose de venir s'installer dans son ranch - où vivent aussi Manuel, Roy et Joey, les trois orphelins qu'il a adoptés, Raina n'est pas certaine d'être capable d'assumer au pied levé le rôle de maman. Mais, surtout, elle s'interroge : Shep l'aime-t-il pour elle-même, ou cherche-t-il avant tout à offrir un foyer stable à ses enfants ? Revanche sur le passé, Judy Duarte En entamant une liaison avec l'un de ses patients, Molly sait qu'elle enfreint les règles, mais aussi - et surtout - qu'elle va au-devant des ennuis. Car le patient en question n'est autre que Chase Mayfield, un célèbre pilote de course convoité par les plus belles femmes du pays. Un homme dont elle doute qu'il s'intéressera durablement à elle, une simple infirmière...