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    This book highlights the wide applications of nanomaterials in healthcare and environmental remediation. Presenting nano-based materials that positively influence the growth and proliferation of cells present in soft and hard tissue and are used for the regeneration bone tissue and/or suppression of cancer cells, it also discusses the natural products that can be incorporated in nanofibers for the treatment of cancer. 

    Further, it describes the use of blending and functionalization to produce chitosan nanofibers for biomedical applications, and reviews the role of plasma-enhanced gold nanoparticles in diagnostics and therapeutics. 

    Lastly, the book also introduces various nanotechnology approaches for the removal of waste metabolites in drinking water, and explores the emerging applications of nanorobotics in medicine. Given its scope, this book is a valuable resource for scientists, clinicians, engineers and researchers aiming to gain a better understanding of the various applications of nanotechnology.

  • Digitization as a sustainable advantage in a connected world
    We live in dynamic and turbulent times. Digital is everywhere and no sector has been spared - the market
    of cultural goods, media as well as industry have all came through it. Although a bit destabilizing, this
    phenomenon is quite fascinating and full of promises.
    Digital barely existed 15 years ago and it is now the focus of international attention. From a business
    point of view, the digitization is spreading while products, services, brands or sectors are partially
    or completely transformed, taking into account the new technologies and the connected use of
    consumption. Social web has opened new fields and more generally, the Peer2Peer approach forces
    companies to redefine their process at every level : R&D, HR, IT, Marketing, Communication, Sales...
    Such a challenge to take up!
    Digitization is a great opportunity to change rules and give new perspectives for any market or firm. How
    to benefit from this social digitization? What are the new business rules? How to inform, communicate and
    sell in the digital era while integrating mobility?
    These are all questions that this book aims to answer with 15 years hindsight : best practices, key success
    factors, current and future structural trends...
    While living in 3 different continents (Europe, Asia, Middle East), the 4 authors of this book gathered their
    expertise to give a global insight of the digitizing world :
    o Emmanuel Fraysse (Paris)
    o Fahim Benchouk (Abu Dhabi)
    o Alexandre Michelin (Paris but only a week per month...)
    o Martin Pasquier (Singapore

  • This book fills an information gap on cognitive radios, since the discussion focuses on the implementation issues that are unique to cognitive radios and how to solve them at both the architecture and circuit levels. This is the first book to describe in detail cognitive radio systems, as well as the circuit implementation and architectures required to implement such systems. Throughout the book, requirements and constraints imposed by cognitive radio systems are emphasized when discussing the circuit implementation details. This is a valuable reference for anybody with background in analog and radio frequency (RF) integrated circuit design, needing to learn more about integrated circuits requirements and implementation for cognitive radio systems.

  • With an emphasis on set-up and execution and lessons learned from expert practitioners, this concise, practical guide for residents and fellows presents the essentials for both common and complex spine surgery. Proceeding anatomically from the cervical to the sacroiliac, and including chapters on spinal tumors, infection and revision surgery, nearly 40 different procedures are highlighted, from corpectomy, arthroplasty and laminectomy to percutaneous screws, decompression and fusion. Chapters include all the information a resident will need to know: indications and contraindications, imaging and diagnosis, OR set-up and instrumentation selection, the specific operative technique, post-operative protocols, and clinical pearls and pitfalls. Radiographs and full-color intraoperative photographs accompany each procedure.  
    Whether suturing dura or performing a lateral interbody fusion, spinal surgery is a technical pursuit, and having a firm grasp of the details can ultimately determine the procedure's success. Written and edited by veterans in orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery, The Resident's Guide to Spine Surgery is just the detailed, user-friendly resource for up-and-coming clinicians looking to develop and expand their surgical expertise.  

  • Avec son regard d'enfant, Fahim nous livre ce conte de fées moderne, beau et déchirant : il nous raconte la douleur de l'exil, la réalité de l'immigration, le combat obstiné d'un père pour son fils et la relation exceptionnelle entre un maître et son élève.

    Le témoignage d'un enfant dans le monde fascinant des échecs, traversé par le courage, la dignité et la solidarité.