Elizabeth Weil

  • Anglais They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus

    Elizabeth Weil

    • Random house publishing group digital
    • 6 October 2010

    This is a classic American tale of dreams and obsession--the suspenseful, brilliantly written account of one eccentric man's hunger to open space travel to us all: to let us rocket into orbit, return to earth, and soar yet again--thus transforming space travel forever.
    They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus
    Gary Hudson was seven years old when Sputnik flew, nineteen when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, and all he ever wanted to do was to travel into space. Between 1970 and 1996 he founded and disbanded five separate rocket-building companies, none meeting with much success. Then, in 1997, at the age of forty-seven, he launched Rotary Rocket. His goal was to develop and build the Roton, the world's first manned, single-stage-to-orbit, fully reusable spaceship, capable of shuttling ordinary people into orbit and back in a single day. Elizabeth Weil followed Gary for two years, and in this book she brings to vivid life a seductively--perhaps delusionally--optimistic world where science and science fiction meld and fuse, and where imagination and invention collide.
    In California's bleak and windswept Mojave Desert, Gary assembled a fanatical, mismatched crew of engineers and technicians, and Weil bears witness to their Roton endeavor, from first conception to final test flight. The cast includes a pyromaniacal engineer, a world expert on composite airframes, two former Navy test pilots, Gary's infinitely patient wife, a third-generation Mojave motel owner, and an enigmatic and resourceful financier. At their center shines Gary himself, a man eternally reflecting the glow of a better, lighter, higher world--a world that, despite his flaws and failures, he perpetually convinces us we're all about to reach.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • La fille au sourire de perles


    • Les escales éditions
    • 10 January 2019

    Un témoignage nécessaire qui nous incite à regarder au-delà du statut de victime. Clemantine Wamariya livre une histoire poignante et inspirante qui signale l'importance de chaque existence et la puissance du récit.
    Rwanda, 1994. Clemantine a six ans lorsqu'elle doit fuir les massacres avec sa grande soeur Claire. Sans nouvelles de leur famille, déplacées de camps de réfugiés en camps de réfugiés, elles affrontent la faim, la soif, la misère et la cruauté pendant six ans avant d'arriver aux États-Unis.
    À Chicago, Clemantine est recueillie par un couple aisé et découvre soudain une toute autre réalité. Projetée dans un véritable rêve américain, l'adolescente est pourtant plus perdue que jamais. Une question s'impose alors : comment se reconstruire et donner un sens à son histoire après avoir vécu l'enfer ?
    Sincère, urgent et bouleversant,
    La Fille au sourire de perles examine la question de l'identité et de l'appartenance, des cicatrices laissées par un traumatisme, mais aussi du rapport à l'autre quand celui-ci ne voit en vous qu'une victime.
    Un témoignage actuel et plus que jamais nécessaire.

  • Anglais Age Is Just a Number

    Weil Elizabeth

    • Crown publishing group digital
    • 7 April 2009

    From legendary Olympic gold medalist Dara Torres comes a motivational, inspirational memoir about staying fit, aging gracefully, and pursuing your dreams.
    Dara Torres captured the hearts and minds of Americans of all ages when she launched her Olympic comeback as a new mother at the age of forty-one--years after she had retired from competitive swimming and eight years since her last Olympics. When she took three silver medals in Beijing--including a heartbreaking .01-second finish behind the gold medalist in the women';s 50-meter freestyle--America loved her all the more for her astonishing achievement and her good-natured acceptance of the results.
    Now, in Age Is Just a Number, Dara reveals how the dream of an Olympic comeback first came to her--when she was months into her first, hard-won pregnancy. With humor and candor, Dara recounts how she returned to serious training--while nursing her infant daughter and contending with her beloved father';s long battle with cancer.
    Dara talks frankly about diving back in for this comeback; about being an older athlete in a younger athletes'; game; about competition, doubt, and belief; about working through pain and uncertainty; and finally--about seizing the moment and, most important, never giving up. A truly self-made legend, her story will resonate with women of all ages--and with anyone daring to entertain a seemingly impossible dream.

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