• Great Violinists of the 20th Century provides the first English-language introduction to fifty performers who made their mark upon the twentieth century.
    Readers will discover the lives and careers of these famous violinists through lively portraits highlighting their art, technique and discography. Each biography comes complete with one or two significant musical excerpts; whether they be full concerto or sonata movements, or short complete works, each piece chosen illustrates the talent and style of the artist in question.
    This substantial work of reference includes more than eight hours of music, as well an extremely rich iconography from the period, and provides biographies of the following legendary violinists: S. Accardo, A. Busch, A. Campoli, M. Elman, G. Enesco, C. Ferras, Z. Francescatti, J. Fuchs, I. Gitlis, S. Goldberg, A. Grumiaux, F. Gulli, I. Haendel, J. Hassid, J. Heifetz, B. Huberman, O. Kagan, L. Kogan, F. Kreisler, G. Kremer, J. Kubelik, G. Kulenkampff, J. Martzy, Y. Menuhin, N. Milstein, E. Morini, G. Neveu, D. Oïstrakh, I. Oïstrakh, I. Perlman, V. Prihoda, M. Rabin, R. Ricci, A. Rosand, A. Sammons, W. Schneiderhan, T. Seidel, O. Shumsky, J. Sitkovetsky, V. Spivakov, I. Stern, J. Suk, H. Szeryng, J. Szigeti, J. Thibaud, V. Tretyakov, U. Ughi, F. von Vecsey G. De Vito and E. Zimbalist.
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