Fantasy & Science-fiction

  • The year is 2020. The Mexican President has provoked the United States by calling for the removal of US troops from Colombia and demanding higher prices for Mexico's oil. But the country's satellite communications system is controlled in Miami and suddenly Mexico is deprived of phone, fax and email. In a country where politicians never put anything in writing, letters are now the only way to communicate, leaving the private lives and true feelings of all brutally exposed. Especially regarding the hot topic of the day: Who will be the next President, the next to ascend the Eagle's Throne?

    As the characters struggle to identify and ally themselves to the future President, the letters fly ever faster. Who will be the victor? Handsome Nicolàs Valdivia? Bald satyr Tàcito de la Canal? Or the âEurounsavoury' ex-President César Leon? There are many questions to be answered before the last letter is sent.

  • Features stories of the separate adventures of the Companions of the Ring. The adventures include Aragorn, revealed as the heir of the Kings of the West, who joined with the Riders of Rohan against the forces of Isengard, and Merry and Pippin who were captured by Orcs but escape into the forest.