James Bridle

  • Des premiers supercalculateurs aux algorithmes de Youtube en passant par les drones, la technologie a envahi chaque aspect de notre existence, elle affecte notre capacité à penser, à comprendre et à agir. Mais notre compréhension de celle-ci est lacunaire.
    James Bridle propose une analyse lumineuse des logiques à l'oeuvre derrière la complexité des processus technologiques. Il démonte quelques solides lieux communs, notamment l'idée que le progrès technologique serait imparable et émancipateur, mais aussi la croyance selon laquelle l'accès à une surabondance d'informations serait toujours bénéfique.
    À travers cet essai dense et déroutant, James Bridle nous invite à reprendre le contrôle.


    James Bridle

    • Lane allen
    • 7 April 2022

    What does it mean to be intelligent? Is it something unique to humans - or do we share it with other beings?br>br> Recent years have seen rapid advances in ''artificial'' intelligence, which increasingly appears to be something stranger than we ever imagined. At the same time, we are becoming more aware of the other intelligences which have been with us all along, unrecognized. These other beings are the animals, plants, and natural systems that surround us, and are slowly revealing their complexity and knowledge - just as the new technologies we''ve built are threatening to cause their extinction, and ours.br>br> In Ways of Being, writer and artist James Bridle considers the fascinating, uncanny and multiple ways of existing on earth. What can we learn from these other forms of intelligence and personhood, and how can we change our societies to live more equitably with one another and the non-human world? From Greek oracles to octopuses, forests to satellites, Bridle tells a radical new story about ecology, technology and intelligence. We must, they argue, expand our definition of these terms to build a meaningful and free relationship with the non-human, one based on solidarity and cognitive diversity. We have so much to learn, and many worlds to gain.>

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