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  • Clemantine se souvient d'un pays de collines. Du garage de son père. Du jardin de sa mère. Puis des hommes sont venus - des hommes pour lesquels elle n'était qu'un « cafard ». Séparées de leur famille, elle et sa grande soeur ont erré longtemps, de camps de réfugiés en camps de réfugiés, d'autocars en bateaux - la mort à chaque étape. Aujourd'hui, c'est une élève modèle de 18 ans, recueillie dans une famille aisée de Chicago. Mais qui est-elle vraiment ? Sinon celle qu'on veut qu'elle soit ? Cette victime éternelle à l'enfance sacrifiée ? Ce rêve américain ? Comment se reconstruire sans raconter son histoire ?

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  • Sharp, moving memoir . . . Wamariya tells her own story with feeling, in vivid prose. She has remade herself, as she explains was necessary to do, on her own terms.' New York Times A riveting tale of dislocation, survival, and the power of stories to break or save us Clemantine Wamariya was six years old when her mother and father began to speak in whispers, when neighbours began to disappear, and when she heard the loud, ugly sounds her brother said were thunder. In 1994, she and her fifteen-year-old sister, Clare, fled the Rwandan massacre and spent the next six years wandering through seven African countries, searching for safety-perpetually hungry, imprisoned and abused, enduring and escaping refugee camps, finding unexpected kindness, witnessing inhuman cruelty. They did not know whether their parents were dead or alive.

    When Clemantine was twelve, she and her sister were granted refugee status in the United States, where she embarked on another journey, ultimately graduating from Yale. Yet the years of being treated as less than human, of going hungry and seeing death, could not be erased. She felt at the same time six years old and one hundred years old.

    In The Girl Who Smiled Beads, Clemantine provokes us to look beyond the label of 'victim' and recognize the power of the imagination to transcend even the most profound injuries and aftershocks. Devastating yet beautiful, and bracingly original, it is a powerful testament to her commitment to constructing a life on her own terms.

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