Double Spell
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Yes'>#8220;Ever since weyes'>#8217;ve had this doll,yes'>#8221; Elizabeth said hesitantly, yes'>#8220;weyes'>#8217;ve had funny things happen yes'>#8211; the same dreams and knowing things and stuff like that.yes'>#8221;Twins Jane and Elizabeth are twelve years old and have outgrown dolls. Nevertheless, on a cold wet spring Saturday they find themselves in an antique store, inexplicably drawn to a small, tattered old fashioned doll. Even the owner of the store seems to understand that the doll somehow belongs to the girls.Once the twins buy the doll, stranger and stranger things begin to happen, and a young girl from the past seems to be calling out to them. The search to discover the history of the little doll brings the twins terrifyingly close to the world of the supernatural as they finally solve a tantalizing mystery.Janet Lunnyes'>#8217;s first novel, long unavailable, is republished in a fresh, beautiful edition.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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