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The Duel

Anglais The Duel

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About This Book It was his intention to trade a few sword-thrusts in some place or another, and get the business over with.
A sparkling new translation tells the tale of a young libertine who finds his rapier wit matched by actual rapiers.
In this autobiographical tale, a young dandy is forced to flee his hometown after falling afoul of the authorities. But sheltering in the royal court he finds treachery and insult and is even- tually positioned into a meaningless confrontation over a woman he cares nothing about. Told with debonair wit and a merciless attitude toward high society, the tale becomes a tense adventure that leads to a surprising outcome.
This Is An Enhanced eBook This eBook contains Illuminations--additional illustrated material that expand the world of Casanova's novella through text and illustrations--at no additional charge.
"Illuminations" contains writings by Havelock Ellis - W.E. Garrett Fisher - Richard von Kraft Ebbing - Arthur Schnitzler - Arthur Symonds - Mark Twain - And the entire version of Casanova's duel as written in his personal memoirs.
Full-color illustrations include: Francesco Casanova - Anton Raphael Mengs - Jean-Marc Nattier - Johann Berka - 1841 map of Weehawken - "An Air Balloon Engagement" by J. Barrow - and portraits of the ten most deadly duelists.
Also Included: Famous Duels, Duelists and Duelng Grounds

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