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Carry Me Across the Water

Anglais Carry Me Across the Water

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Yes'>#8220;Take the advice of no one,yes'>#8221; August Kleinmanyes'>#8217;s mother says to him while August is still a young boy in Germany, and with these words to guide him, he escapes Nazi Germany and goes on to build a fortune, a family, and life on his own terms in America. At the defining moments that reveal character and shape fate yes'>#8212; a shocking encounter with a Japanese soldier in a cave during World War II, the audacious decision to start a brewery in Pittsburgh and a violent reaction against threats to its independent success, a vacation in Barbados, during which his beloved wife mysteriously wanders off, the birth of his grandson yes'>#8212; Augustyes'>#8217;s instincts are determinative in a way that illuminates how lives unfold at the deepest levels. This is a brilliant, suspenseful, surprising novel by one of Americayes'>#8217;s finest writers. Publisheryes'>#8217;s Weekly called Ethan Caninyes'>#8217;s For Kings and Planets yes'>#8220;Masterful yes'>#8230; a classic parable of the human condition,yes'>#8221; and the same can be said about Carry Me Across the Water.

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