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@20@Mark Greaney, the #1 @18@New York Times@19@ bestselling coauthor of Tom Clancy@12@s Jack Ryan novels, delivers another breakneck thriller following the world@12@s deadliest assassin@95@mdash;the Gray Man@95@hellip;@21@@16@ @95@#160;@16@ After five years on the run Court Gentry is back on the inside at the CIA. But his first mission makes him wish he had stayed on the outs when a pair of Chinese agents try to take him down in Hong Kong. Normally the Chinese prefer to stay eyes-only on foreign agents. So why are they on such high alert? @16@ @95@#160;@16@ Court@12@s high stakes hunt for answers takes him across Southeast Asia and leads @16@ to his old friend, Donald Fitzroy, who is being held hostage by the Chinese. Fitzroy was contracted to find Fan Jiang, a former member of an ultra-secret computer warfare unit responsible for testing China@12@s own security systems. And it seems Fan may have been too good at his job@95@mdash;because China wants him dead.@16@ @95@#160;@16@ The first two kill teams Fitzroy sent to find Fan have disappeared and the Chinese have decided to @95@ldquo;supervise@95@rdquo; the next operation. What they don't know is that Gentry@12@s mission is to find Fan first and get whatever intel he has to the US. @16@ @95@#160;@16@ After that, all he has to do is get out alive...

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