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The Last White Knight

Anglais The Last White Knight

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With her frayed jeans and cascade of tousled dark hair, Lynn Shaw looks more like one of the teenage residents of Horizon House than their counselor. So ityes'>#8217;s no wonder State Senator Erik Gunther mistakes her for one. Not that he exactly fits the description of a politician, with his moviestar looks and athletic build. Even Lynn, cynical, stubborn, and decidedly not looking for a relationship, canyes'>#8217;t ignore her bodyyes'>#8217;s response to the man.Allegedly, heyes'>#8217;s come to defend Lynn from angry locals who donyes'>#8217;t want her home for delinquent girls in their neighborhood. But as far as Lynn is concerned, heyes'>#8217;s looking for a photo op, a chance to play the heroyes'>#8211;the last thing either she or her troubled girls need.What they need is understanding. Lynn knows teenage rebellion all too well. And she knows firsthand its heartbreaking price. She wonyes'>#8217;t touch the good senator with a tenfoot pole only to watch him disappear once he gets what he wants. Unfortunately, Erik refuses to go away.The moment Erik looks into her emerald eyes, his interest in work falls into serious competition with his interest in Lynn Shaw. Her rejection of his assistance only intrigues him further. He is determined to know heryes'>#8211;and to help her. If that means practically moving into Horizon House, so be it.But as the two engage in a battle of hearts, it becomes clear that Lynn is waging a private war of her wn, against demons of the pastyes'>#8211;and against her overwhelming desire for the one man who may be worth fighting for.From the Hardcover edition.

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