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The Tail of the Tip-Off

Anglais The Tail of the Tip-Off

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The Tail of the TipOffWhen winter hits Crozet, Virginia, it hits hardand hangs on for months. Thatyes'>#8217;s nothing new to postmistress Mary Minor yes'>#8220;Harryyes'>#8221; Haristeen and her friends, who keep warm with hard work, hot toddies, and rabid rooting for the University of Virginiayes'>#8217;s womenyes'>#8217;s basketball team at the old stadium affectionately dubbed yes'>#8220;The Clam.yes'>#8221; But the usual postgame high spirits are laid low when contractor H. H. Donaldson drops dead in the parking lot. And pretty soon word has spread that it wasnyes'>#8217;t a heart attack that did him in. It just doesnyes'>#8217;t sit right with Harry that one of her fellow fansperhaps even an acquaintance or neighbor sitting close by in the standsis a murderer. And as tiger cat Mrs. Murphy is all too aware, things that donyes'>#8217;t sit right with Harry make her restless, curious, and prone to poking her notverysensitive human nose into dangerous places. So the animals start paying closer attention to what the people around them are doingand theyyes'>#8217;re the first ones to realize when the next murder occurs.It seems obvious to Harry that the deaths are connectedand she intends to find out exactly how. Thereyes'>#8217;s no shortage of suspects, considering that H.H. was a ladiesyes'>#8217; man whoyes'>#8217;d left a trail of broken hearts all over townthe most recent belonging to his wife and that the second murder victim was not very populr in Crozet.As the police launch their investigation, Harry picks up clues through savvy questioning of everyone she knows. But ityes'>#8217;s the critters who are most attuned to troublethey scent something wicked wafting Harryyes'>#8217;s way on the tail of the next snowstorm. And as Harry draws closer to the truth about a brutal killer, Mrs. Murphy and her friends realize ityes'>#8217;s up to them to make sure their intrepid mom lands on her feet.From the Hardcover edition.

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