Peiro-Caillaud - Rencontre / Dédicace avec Gillian Broome autour de son livre "Chasing our dream in La Rochelle"

Le 17 novembre 2018 - 15h00 à 18h00

41 cours National 17100 SAINTES

Dans la lignée de la programmation de notre partenaire le Gallia et de sa semaine dédiée au cinéma anglais : Samedi 17 novembre la librairie Peiro-Caillaud accueille Gillian Broome, pour une séance de dédicace de 15h à 18h, autour de son livre "Chasing our dream in La Rochelle".

"When the newly married Gillian and Bill leave Britain for rural France, little could they imagine the adventures they will have : from expert house renovation to wily language-school owners, to becoming involved in village life. The pair embrace all that comes their way, especially Bill, whose eye for the French ladies becomes legendary.
While the newly christened "Gilly-Anne" makes her debut as an English teacher in a school at La Rochelle, Bill tackles their new investment : a ruined house with no water or electricity. Fortunately, they are helped a generously by their new neighbours. So many customs to discover, so much to explore in their camping van before the couple finally suceed in making France their home."